Thursday, February 18, 2010

Skunk in the Chimney

Woke up this morning to a skunk in our chimney.  At least we think it's a skunk based on the smell that was outside immediately after the scurrying noises as it escaped. The smell didn't enter our house thank goodness, that would have been a disaster.  The dog got a kick out of it though, I'm sure it was a fun way to start her day.

I'm trying to think of fun and witty ways to talk about the week I've had, but the reality of it is just that it was hard.  There are so many things going on that are weighing heavily on my heart.  I've been praying a lot this week, there's a lot of comfort to be had there.

Thankfully the Lord has also placed some awesome children in my life that never cease to bring me smiles (okay, that last statement might be a bit of a stretch, but just go with me on this).  It's impossible to stay sad when you have this face staring up at you all day...

Her big brother was memorizing a verse today that had the word "adversaries" in it.  He kept saying "Adjer-berries".  It was so cute.  Things like this keep me going.

Another thing to keep me going is that I got my first sale!  And someone put my little sunflower pendant into their treasury.  I'm pretty stoked about all of this, it really helps balance out the week I've had.  Another positive is that my clay studio area is all set up and ready to be worked in.  It's far from organized but I figure as long as I have a vague idea of where something is when I need it then I'm doing okay.

In terms of creativity, I'm feeling like my short lived red and black phase is over.  It's so winter.  I'm longing for all things springtime and magically warm.  My next designs will be along those lines.  It's almost midnight here and I'm trying to decide between sleeping or claying.  Sleep is going to win, but I won't be happy about it.

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