Thursday, December 31, 2009

Time to make my first listing

Well, I've got a bit of inventory leftover from a little holiday fair I did a few weeks ago.  I've decided to start with that stuff to list on etsy.  No sense in stressing out about making more.  I've been preparing my computer, I've got my paypal all ready to go, and now I just need the baby in my lap to take her nap so I can snap a few pictures.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've been out of touch

I've been gone from the polymer clay world for a long time.  In 2003 I went to Ravensdale and a lot of people I met there seemed convinced I would be teaching at the next one.  Then clay took a backseat when I got a full time job and moved out on my own with my son.  Now I'm married and a stay at home mom and I realized recently that I'm in the perfect position to pursue my dream of selling my artwork.  By "perfect position" I mean that I have health insurance and time.

So the intimidating part is that the polymer clay community has exploded since I've been gone.  While I still hold on to that dream of selling and teaching, I feel like I'm way behind.  Instead of trying to catch up I will jump in where I am and make the most of it.

In light of all this, I think the vision I have for this blog has changed already.  I'm going to talk about caning, my inspirations, and getting back up to speed with all the rest of the clay world. 

New Computer!

We are so very thankful in our little household for a new computer.  I've been without one for so long that I don't even know where to begin with it.  I think I'll start slow.  Maybe I'll add a picture.  That could be cool.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Found my Niche

So in looking up how to blog, everyone suggests having a niche. I already know what that is, it's caning. Polymer clay canes are my hobby of choice and have been since the ripe old age of twelve. Perhaps that would help explain the name of my blog, which my husband is not too fond of, but I happen to enjoy.

So now that I know my niche, maybe that will keep me from rambling on about the rest of my life, which is quite fulfilling but contains drama you'd only find in a lifetime movie marathon.

My dilemma now is that I have no scanner to show my designs, now studio set up to make new ones, and no computer to work on to get myself up and running. I'm working on borrowed time on my husband's work laptop. There is a computer waiting for me to come pick up only 6 miles away, but my house isn't ready for it. I guess now my only excuse is that it's Christmas time and I have no time to set myself up with a new computer when there are cookies to be baked and presents to be wrapped.

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Learning Process

I'm quickly realizing there's a lot to this blogging thing. The perfectionist that lurks within me wants to jump in and personalize it and make it my own by end of day tomorrow. The reality I live in says that I'm a stay at home mom with three children and a house to clean in the three days before Christmas. This will need to be a gradual process. I'm having fun already and I think the only drawback right now that I don't actually have a computer of my own. Baby steps.

The heat is on

Today I am thankful for a new ignition control module. After four days without a furnace we finally have our heat back. We made it work with space heaters, fires in the fireplace and random baking sessions. The baby is a like a little huggable furnace so she got lots of cuddles.

Unfortunately the room where I have my clay set up is always extra chilly. And my husband wants me to clean it all up to move my studio into our basement. I know it needs to be done, but I keep thinking about what else I want to make before I pack up and move. I hate the thought of being stuck in the basement, but the brightside is that we can have our little Daffodil in her own room.

I'm going to get the hang of this blogging eventually. I look forward to meeting people on here, right now I'm content to keep this little experiment to myself. We'll see how long that lasts.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hello World

Blogging has fascinated and intimidated me for years. I've always felt compelled to join in, but I've always been afraid to open myself up to the world. So here's my first post. I guess this isn't so bad afterall.

Time to go help bring in the firewood. Perhaps I'll be back to post a little more later.