Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Found my Niche

So in looking up how to blog, everyone suggests having a niche. I already know what that is, it's caning. Polymer clay canes are my hobby of choice and have been since the ripe old age of twelve. Perhaps that would help explain the name of my blog, which my husband is not too fond of, but I happen to enjoy.

So now that I know my niche, maybe that will keep me from rambling on about the rest of my life, which is quite fulfilling but contains drama you'd only find in a lifetime movie marathon.

My dilemma now is that I have no scanner to show my designs, now studio set up to make new ones, and no computer to work on to get myself up and running. I'm working on borrowed time on my husband's work laptop. There is a computer waiting for me to come pick up only 6 miles away, but my house isn't ready for it. I guess now my only excuse is that it's Christmas time and I have no time to set myself up with a new computer when there are cookies to be baked and presents to be wrapped.

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