Monday, February 15, 2010

Catching up

I've been gone for too long, I forgot how much fun I have doing this blog.  We have had one of the most stressful months on record (at least it was for me!).  My mother is moving so we got to help out with emptying out her house.  My husband's workload became ridiculously heavy.  This all sounds really mild once it's typed out, but if you knew the backstories to all these situations you'd see where the "most stressful on record" comment comes in.  And we decided to take my dog from my mother so she could complete her move without worrying about Zoey (she's got enough other stuff on her mind).

So I've been trying to get out house "dog" ready, whatever that means.  We already have two adults, two double digit age boys, one sugary baby girl, and a fat cat crammed into this miniature house.  Getting our basement in working order has been a top priority so we can use it as a family room, for my clay, and for my husband to work from home once a week.  Then we can give the baby her own room, we can have our own room, and we'll have more room for a dog pillow, and maybe more room to walk around a dog.  It's a tight fit, but one I need to make work.  She's been with our family for almost 13 years, it's hard to just give her away to someone else, an option I just can't imagine right now.

Through all this I've also managed to get a few more items into my etsy shop.  It was a welcome distraction from all the hard stuff we've been dealing with in our family.  And working on my shop is becoming more fun, less stress.  I'm looking forward to really hitting my stride and having it fit naturally into my routine.  First I probably need a routine.  One step at a time.


  1. Hi Beth, you're doing great! I like your new things for sale, your writing is very interesting to read, and baby Daphne is so darn cute, rock star hair or not.

    I hear you on the clay blades, I have to put all of mine up when the grandkids come over to play... those aren't good playtoys, lol.

    Keep up the good work!! Hope you get your "studio" ready to go soon.

  2. Had to add that I LOVE the look of your blog, it's wonderful.

  3. Thanks Jackie! My studio is all set up now, could use a little more organization down there but that can wait, for now I at least have a clear surface to start claying :)