Monday, March 8, 2010

Avocado Cane - Polymer Clay Food

I've decided my weekly challenge to myself will count as a cane a week created anywhere in between Sunday and a Saturday.  Therefore, the fact that this cane comes 13 days after my last one is okay, since the pot of gold was finished on a Sunday, and this one was completed this past Saturday.  Are you following?  Either way, it makes me feel better knowing I still accomplished something.

I had started another flower cane last week but only got as far as the center.  I had to stop there because I didn't feel inspired by it to create.  It made me think of late summer or autumn with it's golden colors, so really, it's time has just not come yet and I will finish it another day.

Maybe part of my problem was that I had avocados on my brain, not flowers.  This is my favorite food, I could eat them everyday and never get bored.  In fact, I have done that for months at a time.  I usually just cut them in half, grab a spoon, and call it a meal.


I realize there is no background there.  But in my defense, I don't have enough of the colors I want to use.  Since I'm the one who has made the rules to my own challenge, and right now I'm the only one playing along, I call this a perfectly legit entry.
I'm thinking avocado tacos for dinner.


  1. Thanks! Still need to finish the background and then figure out what to do with it :)

  2. I've never heard of this process but the avocado looks so cool! Congrats!