Friday, January 8, 2010


I finally have the ability to post items for sale, but now I'm feeling very shy about it.  And there's this issue that I've never actually purchased anything from Etsy so I'm unfamiliar with the process.  Not that I've never wanted to, but budget considerations over that last few years made it too much of a luxury.  If I purchase something now, is it possible to write it off next year as a business expense? I could call it "Training" or "On-going Education".  Then maybe my husband will be more open to the idea of me buying pretty things from other people when he'd be one of the first to say "Don't buy that, you could make one". But let's be honest, when do we ever get around to making one?

It's time to invest in some fresh clay and make some raw canes to sell.  Seems like a good market for them and it is something I love to do.  If I could devote more time to making canes and less time to finishing beads and jewelry then I'll be a much happier mommy.

I've also considered the fact that it's easier to hold a baby while making canes than while sanding beads or stringing necklaces.  Having her on my lap will probably increase my efficiency as I attempt to finish things before she gets bored with me.  Or it could decrease my efficiency if she starts grabbing everything and then needs to be nursed. Now if I could just get my two older boys to fill the position of my missing pasta machine motor I'd be golden.  I wonder how long it would take for the fun of turning the crank to wear off... I'm going to set up my new studio area next week and find out. 

Until then, enjoy this picture of one of my most popular designs, the sunflower.  I made this cane almost seven years ago.  I made a lot of it too, I'm still working my way through it!  Good thing , because my style of caning is kind of organic and free flowing and doesn't lend itself well to duplication.  I can try to recreate it, I might come close, but no two canes will ever really be the same.


  1. they are beautiful. i am so glad you started a blog, you will enjoy it im sure
    i have a friend that owns a bead shop in mundelein, i wonder if she would be interested in having some of your beads???? its bella beads on maple.

  2. That would be really cool, I've never been to that one, do you think she likes polymer clay beads?