Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Canes are my Therapy

Whenever things get tough I get creative.  It's like therapy.  So last week after an emotionally trying few days spent worrying about some loved ones I spent some time with my clay.  There's something cathartic about  reducing great big hunks of cane.  For now, the worries have subsided and I have a new flower design to play with. The inspiration for this one came from a Chinese flower motif I saw and enjoyed.  I have no idea if it still has a Chinese vibe to it but I like how it turned out.


I had an extra challenge with this being the first cane I've made since my five month old daughter discovered she can grab things.  Only took one close call for me to remember to put the blade out of reach of her chubby little fingers.

I'm excited to create more jewelry from this flower, and it's lead to lots more ideas and sketches of more projects.  Only thing holding my up now is that my "studio" is still in the process of moving into it's new designated spot in the basement.  I'm not letting myself make more until it's done, I thought that would motivate me to get it done.  And now I'm hoping that the public declaration of finishing the setup will motivate me further.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

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